Youth Wellness

Youth mental wellness curriculum development, work with youth to develop leadership skills, provide parent support, and community engagement.

Steidl Consulting has been actively involved in youth mental health and wellness in Santa Barbara since 2016. The YouthWell Coalition formed in 2016 with Rachael convening key stakeholders in the community to come together to start the discussion and address the mental health gaps in services for students and their families in Southern Santa Barbara County. In 2016, Rachael worked with local youth in partnership with the Mental Wellness Center to launch the Youth Wellness Connection Clubs and Council.


Rachael Ross Steidl is the owner of Steidl Consulting, as well as the founder and former publisher of the ParentClick Network. Currently, she is consulting in digital marketing as well as focused on developing more programming and support around youth mental health. Rachael recently launched the website to support and connect families with struggling teens. And the YWC Clubs website, that are promoting wellness.

She has over 25 years experience in management, marketing, community engagement, and strategic planning. She is the mother of 3 teenagers and a Santa Barbara native. Rachael has a M.A. in Clinical Psychology. Her early work experience as an MFCC intern included working with youth in group homes, co-facilitating addiction groups and providing one on one counseling.

SPECIALTIES... Marketing, social media, building partnerships, startup, team building, sales, user support & training, project management, process consultant, optimize organizational systems, operations, and customer service.