IT Business Liaison – Web Development


Do you need an IT Liaison?

It can be frustrating to hire developers to build a website only to have them not meet your expectations. I know. I have had worked with many programmers over the years and learned that often there is a communication glitch between them writing their code and delivering your vision. This communication gap can often cause delays and increase costs. We will also ensure that your site is editable and accessible so you are not reliant on the programmer once the site is completed.

As your IT Business Liaison, we can help you avoid this frustration by improving communication and collaboration between the developers and your staff. We manage the strategic implementation of new technology solutions that improve business efficiency. We understand user behavior and we will educate ourselves on how users interact with your site so that it is developed in a way that is both professional and user-friendly. Our priority is to understand your business strategy and identify technologies that will improve and enhance your organization’s business goals.

We can assist you in managing and updating your website content and provide stock photo suggestions for your site.

Website vs Blog?

  • Website
    Content is static on pages
    One-way communication
    A way to promote your product or service
  • Blog
    The content is updated on a regular basis through posts
    The format is more interactive
    The content is informative and educational
    Encourages a relationship with your user base
  • You can combine both utilizing plugins to create a dynamic website that serves both functions.

What are your goals?

  • What is the purpose of your site?
  • Are you using it for business, personal, blog, etc?
  • Define your online goals.
  • Is it a brochure site to showcase and market your business?
  • Are you selling a product or a service?
  • Is it an e-commerce site? Do you need a shopping cart and ability to pay online?
  • Do you want to send newsletters?
  • Do you need to embed a community or business calendar? [upto, google, commingly,, tockify, wp events calendar]
  • Do you want to sell ad space?
  • Do you want to build a subscriber database?
  • Do you want to integrate with social media as part of your marketing goals?
  • Are you interested in analytics so that you can evaluate the traffic to your site?
  • Will your site need to be updated on a regular basis with dynamically generated content or will it be more static content?
  • How do you plan to market/promote your website?
  • Is SEO important to you? Are you interested in online ads (ie: Google Ad Words or Facebook Ads)?