Student Mental Wellness Support


A mental illness is a disease of the brain that causes mild to severe disturbances in thought
and/or behavior, resulting in an inability to cope with life’s ordinary demands and routines.

Rachael is currently consulting with multiple local Santa Barbara non profits to help find solutions to the lack of services for teens who are struggling with depression, anxiety, self harm, substance use and other mental health issues.  View local facts >


  • Increase capacity of accessible youth services.
  • Develop training and education.
  • Integrate teen resilience and leadership.
  • Create multi-agency all-inclusive family support.
  • Reduce stigma and shame.
  • Create community coordinated youth and family support protocol.


  • website for parents to find resources and information to better understand what their teen is struggling with and how to support them.
  • SPOT Parenting Support Groups are now being provided by the Mental Wellness Center.  Peer support group & educational series for parents and caregivers with youth, ages 12-24 struggling with anxiety, depression, mental health or substance abuse. Parents can make a connection with other parents, learn about resources, learn to manage their child’s needs without sacrificing their own, or the needs of their family.
  • Student Mental Wellness Community Coalition was started in 2016. The mission of the SMWCC is to support a community movement through collaboration from both the private sector and public agencies that reduces stigma and shame related to student mental health and substance abuse. Our goal is to identify the gaps [ages 12-26] and expand the capacity of accessible services from crisis to aftercare in order to support all families whose emotional needs are currently underserved in our community and connect them to programs.
  • High School Wellness Connection Clubs are being launched by students in our high schools with the focus on Advocating Awareness, Embracing Imperfection, Silencing Shame, Erasing Stigma, Promoting Mental Wellness, Reducing Stress, Inspiring Laughter through connection, prevention, education and outreach!