Organize & Streamline Digital Communication


After running my own company for fourteen years, I had to figure out the simplest ways to streamline our communication and educate myself on how to manage our technology. I sit on several boards and committees that have me constantly evaluating best practices for communication. I love organizing people and in past years did professional organizing for homes and offices.  In order to stay up with the changing technology, it is important to set up your various accounts in an efficient way that so that you are not duplicating your efforts. My goal is to help you get set-up in a way that is easy for you to manage your online life.

Optimizing Organizational Systems & Increasing Marketing Outreach

I will prioritize cost-effective solutions that are specific to your organizations needs and that optimize workflow and processes. I will work with staff to assess systems that are currently working and those that could improve and create a timeline and strategy for change while being senstive to current processes, group dynamics, and your organizational history. This will allow you to optimize your marketing outreach efforts, improve donor cultivation and create better program communication.

Are you up to speed with technology?

In this digital time, we are fortunate to have so many great resources available but it can be overwhelming to understand how to utilize them. I can help you analyze what makes the most sense for your business, your volunteer groups or your family. Moms, if you are like me trying to manage your families schedules, assist your children with their homework, and stay on top of your household, you probably would like a cheat sheet on how to simplify.

  • Do you know what a BROWSER or a URL is [chrome, safari, firefox]?
  • Do you know how to SYNC your DEVICES so that your information is shared between your computer and your mobile phone?
  • Are you still using a paper organizer for your CALENDAR and CONTACTS?
  • Are your children using mobile devices? Do you know how to set up the restrictions to ensure they are using appropriate apps?
  • Are you able to access and manage all of the great apps and programs on your digital devices to fit your lifestyle?

APPS & Programs worth learning about…

  • Google Drive/Docs – Don’t spend time emailing documents back and forth when all you have to do is create the document and share it so that more than one person can edit or view it. Kids can share their research papers with their parents to edit. Business teams can share with their co-workers. Learn how to convert documents to PDF’s so they maintain their layout when they are emailed and shared.
  • Google Calendar – share your calendar with family or business teams rather than having to email your schedule back and forth. Create different calendars/folders for business, personal and family.  [As a mom this has been invaluable since my kids and husband can all view our commitments for school, sports, personal, etc on their individual devices and I only have to post them once.]
  • Business Gmail accounts (excellent option for small non profit groups – view pricing)
  • Google Email – stay on top of your email. Do you get a lot of junk email? Do you know how to manage FOLDERS & FILTERS to organize your email.
  • Dropbox – manage photos, share documents, work with teams, assist kids with homework. Access your files from any computer or mobile device… you are no longer just reliant on your computer.
  • Evernote – manage home and business life with ability to share all of your files, store recipes, important documents, research notes, etc. Access your files from any computer or mobile device… you are no longer just reliant on your computer.
  • iPhone Apps – There are so many options… find out which ones are the most useful to your lifestyle.
  • Social Media Accounts – Decide on the best social media for your personal interests and then set them up with the privacy settings and streamline them to meet your needs.
  • Set up your Digital Devices – I have not always found the apple store or phone store support to be the best at helping set up my devices. They are trained to show you specific functions but not to understand how you as an individual need your device to work for your lifestyle.
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management – [salesforce, method integration, zoho] These are excellent tools/systems for managing your clients, their data, sales, etc. It allows your business teams to all access the same data.
  • Online Quickbooks – This is not just for business… if you have a small volunteer/non profit group, this is an easy way to manage your accounting and allow access to more than one member. If you collect fees, you can create easy email invoices that allow clients to pay online (with low processing fees) which then syncs with your invoices automatically.
  • Shutterfly Share Sites – great for groups, teams and family to share photos, rosters, calendars and more.
  • Invitations – print invites are beautiful but they can also be expensive. Consider Paperless Post or eVite for your next online invitation.
  • Creative Cloud [photoshop, lightroom, illustrator, indesign, acrobat]  another favorite for photo editing and graphic design. View tutorials
  • iPhoto – set it up to sync with your iPhone so that anytime you take a picture with your phone, it will automatically show up on the rest of your devices. Learn how to use online storage to manage your photos and create albums.
  • Stock Digital Photos – learn how to use and purchase stock photos for all of your marketing needs.
  • Print Materials – find the most affordable ways to print your business cards, flyers, postcards and banners.