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CountryGardenCatering… [OCT 2016] Created a new catering website with menus that could be used as a resource for CountryGardenCatering.org clients. Responsible for the design, content, and images for a 15+ page website. Set the staff up on gmail accounts and streamlined their processes to utilize google docs and online forms to more easily interact with their clients.

BUELLTON SENIOR CENTER… [OCT 2016] Created a new website, BuelltonSeniorCenter.org, that was up to date, user friendly for their less technical audience, easy to navigate, and more contemporary. We added a Google Calendar for the center to highlight their weekly activities.  Responsible for the design, content, and images for a 25+ page website. Set the staff up on non-profit gmail accounts and streamlined their processes to utilize google docs and online forms.

SANTA BARBARA HISTORICAL MUSEUM… [OCT 2016] Created a new website for SantaBarbaraMuseum.org, that was up to date, and user friendly and gave them a place to display their gallery of images for their exhibitions and rental venue. We added a Calendar to highlight their events and exhibitions.  Responsible for the design and development for a 25+ page website.

COUNCIL ON ALCOHOLISM & DRUG ABUSE… [SEPT 2016] Worked with a committee to redesign logo. Created a new website, CADASB.org, that was up to date, easy to navigate, more contemporary than what CADA previously had. Responsible for the design, content, and images for a 100+ page website. Streamlined 4 external sites into one website that could be easily managed by staff utilzing wordpress, special plugins and godaddy hosting. Created eNewsletter templates utilizing mailchimp. Create an overall master communications calendar to include preparation & planning, media outreach, social media, and donor follow up.

STUDENT MENTAL WELLNESS… [JUNE 2016] Designed logo. Created a website, STUDENTMENTALWELLNESS.com,  to be utilized as a resource for parents, teachers and community. Responsible for the design, content, and images.

G.S. REAL ESTATE… [FEB 2016] Untangled and updated 4 devices [iphone, ipad, desktop, laptop] and streamlined to one icloud account, centralized business gmail, calendar and docs interface. Imported address books, cleaned up files and apps to create a more user-friendly environment. Set up users and passwords on computers so that the business user had more security and privacy. Added and updated social media accounts for business promoting.

COLOR & STYLE WITH COURTNEY… [JAN 2016] Built COLORSTYLESB.com website utilizing wordpress, special plugins and godaddy hosting. Designed logo and marketing materials. Added and updated social media accounts for business promoting.

SIMPLIFY & SYNC… [DEC 2015] Designed logo and marketing materials. Built SimplifyAndSync.com website utilizing wordpress, special plugins and godaddy hosting.


COUNCIL ON ALCOHOLISM & DRUG ABUSE… [2016] Optimizing Organizational Systems & Increasing Marketing Outreach: Created effective solutions that were specific to CADA’s needs and that optimize workflow and processes. Worked with staff to assess systems that were currently working and those that could improve and create a timeline and strategy for change while being senstive to current processes, group dynamics, and CADA’s organizational history. The goal for CADA was to optimize marketing outreach efforts and donor cultivation and create better program communication.

MENTAL WELLNESS CENTER… [2016] Youth Program Development Consultant: Develop and implement long-term goals and objectives to achieve the successful outcome of the youth prevention program and parenting support groups. Liaise with management and program directors to ensure the effective and efficient program delivery. Developed and implemented strategies that would maximize the synergies between the new youth programs and the existing adult MWC programs.


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Re-built the ParentClick.com website five times over fourteen years using a customized CMS for the business directory, community calendar, product reviews, blogs, parenting articles and a weekly e-newsletter. ParentClick was an online publisher that provided a pulse on the local scene and a city guide for families in communities nationwide. Developed for multiple communities nationwide that included everything from marketing/social media/networking/sales to business and web development. Primary target market included parents, teachers, grandparents and others working with children. Secondary market included businesses, schools and non-profit organizations trying to reach the family demographic. This project required thoughtful planning and execution. Rachael worked closely with web development company to design new features. Over the years, both the backend technology and the user experience have changed dramatically. ParentClick moved into the cloud environment. Rachael spent 14 years developing marketing strategies, along with streamlining the ParentClick brand and creating community partnerships. Rachael provided training remotely to community editors through monthly conference calls giving guidance, direction, and online support as a way to encourage and motivate. [built websites, mailchimp newsletters, editorial calendars, streamlined online communication]

PARENTCLICK.com NEWSLETTER CAMPAIGNS… Designed, edited and published 1 newsletter a week for multiple communities for fourteen years using both a custom solution and mailchimp.

NCLSB.org… Helped create a more streamlined communication system converting paper documents to an online database that could be accessed by all members. [utilized google drive, added business email accounts, shutterfly to centralize organizations photos and print photo albums.]

NCLSB.org NEWSLETTER CAMPAIGNS… Created enewsletter templates and archives utilizing mailchimp to streamline brand and create more effective communication with volunteer members.

WOMENSFUNDSB.org… Designed first website and assisted in creating and designing new materials to create a brand in this growing volunteer based group. Created a template for sending newsletters.

CHILD HOPE INTERNATIONAL… Built their Transition House website utlizing Weebly that was being used to showcase and sell their products.

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